Every workplace has its own specific needs, whether for repetitive tasks at height, or agile work environments. Supporting your staff to work efficiently and sustainably is essential, especially when new premises are being established, or existing workplaces reassessed. ErgoFurniture has worked with Australia’s largest employers to develop optimal ergonomic configurations. We provide business furniture to maximise comfort and productivity, while minimizing physical and financial strain.  Our furniture is comfortable, affordable and built for the task.

Monitor arms 

Our customers choose our monitor arm solutions for the winning combination of technical excellence and dependable quality. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to provide the very best solutions for our clients in IT, healthcare, finance, government, and education. Custom solutions we have provided include;

  • “thin client”, with the thin client bracket mounted directly behind the monitor 
  • heavy duty solutions, where up to 32kg screens are floated above the desktop
  • mixed combinations of mounted laptop and keyboard trays, together with multiple screens
  • custom-designed height and reach extenders
  • modified mounting options for wall or desk mounts
  • custom rotation limiters to define monitor arm movement in tight workspaces


More time at the desk means the desk needs to work harder. Our range of sit stand desks can be modified for many applications, including;

  • heavy duty lifting of desktop equipment up to 200 kg (electrical)
  • portable sinks on castors for education and health care (hand wind)


Safety requirements in many workplaces mean you need the right chair for the task. Uplifting can configure chairs and stools for a wide range of applications, including;

  • low-rise stools for special needs
  • sit-stand stools for high counters
  • glides for stability
  • castors for hard or carpet floors
  • brake-loaded and/or brake-unloaded castors