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Back in the Saddle – saddle stools

saddle stools

Industry Chairs has reintroduced its popular range of saddle chairs, with the VIN, Industrial and Jumper Saddle Stools.

Drawing on our years of experience in ergonomic furniture, we provide several well-rounded saddle shapes, upholstered in comfortable vinyl, with height and tilt adjustments, and a range of castor options to suit the individual user. The versatile Saddle is designed to increase productivity in the workplace, as well as boosting the ultimate user experience.

Saddle stools were first devised to promote an upright posture and are popular whenever the user needs to work actively but remain seated. Typically used in healthcare environments, such as physiotherapy and massage, but more generally in hospital and dental environments.

Individual users of saddle stools are almost always recognizable by their good posture. So, why not join them? Get into the saddle and see our range of affordable saddle stools.