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Vin Saddle Stool

The Vin Saddle Stool gives you the natural postural benefits of a saddle seat. When sitting, the sitter maintains an upright posture, and the pelvis is supported in a neutral position, reducing pressure on the spine. The knees are lower than the hips, resulting in a secure, balanced position.

Saddle seats promote proper seating posture, which helps with back pain and blood flow. While your feet are placed flat on the floor at a wider width than in traditional seats, the weight of the legs is taken through the feet, allowing for improved upper body stabilisation.

The Vin Saddle Stool is ideal for a variety of work conditions. It was designed specifically for, but is not limited to, individuals who work vigorously. The VIN Saddle Stool is regarded as an ideal chair for persons with terrible backs since it allows for both seat tilt and height adjustment, allowing for both upright posture and accurate positioning.